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Confined Space Drone Inspections

ISH24 is proud to present Elios by Flyability (amicably nicknamed HarveyWallBanger) – the first collision-tolerant drone, designed for the inspection and exploration of the most inaccessible places. Allowing for the first time to fly in complex, cluttered or indoor spaces. 


By enabling remote visual inspection in any indoor environments, HarveyWallBanger prevents the need for workers to enter hazardous places or face dangerous situations.


Deployed and ready to gather visuals within a minute. Performing an entire inspection is no longer a matter of days but hours.


Scaffolding, rope access, or crane are no longer needed to perform visual inspections. HarveyWallBanger gathers visuals of the most complex and cluttered spaces for you.


  • Close-up images with precise resolution of 0.2mm/px
  • Live video stream to the pilot & video recording onto SD card attached to the drone head
  • Full HD camera with excellent performance in low light and exposure adjustment possible from ground control
  • Thermal camera allows detection for cracks invisible to the human eye or human bodies that are hard to see in poor visibility conditions
  • Flexible camera head allows the drone to capture images above and below. HD camera full HD camera offers a total field of view of 215º and a horizontal field of view of 130º while the thermal camera offers a total vertical field of view of 182º and a horizontal field of view of 56º.
  • On-board adjustable lighting which allows the exploration of pitch-black environments. Powerful onboard LED lights prevent the need for any additional external lighting, it lights up the scene in all the directions you may be looking.


It is possible to fly HarveyWallBanger over 100 meters above the ground in a closed space with the pilot safely standing outside next to the entrance. Since every use case has its own specificities, the following examples provide an idea of the drone’s wireless communication range:

  • Over 150 m in a chimney while staying at the base.
  • Over 150 m in tunnels comprising small curves.
  • Tens of meters away in a metallic ballast tank multiple compartments away.
  • Multiple rooms away in a standard building, up a flight of stairs.

Check out the HarveyWallBanger (Elios by Flyability) brochure below for more information.

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Confined Space Management

ISH24 is committed to delivering our Confined Space Management Solutions with integrity, openness and a resolute focus on safety first. We can be relied upon to deliver the outcomes we promise because we ensure our staff are the very best at what they do. They are given the right training, equipment, site support and supervision to deliver exceptional service.

All Confined Space Sentries are trained to ensure they keep vigilant watch of their assigned confined spaces. Their only focus is ensuring all requirements of the client and the Australian Standards are met. 

How do our Confined Space sentries do this? 

  • They check/read all permits, JSA’s, etc making sure all match, are signed and valid.
  • Check all qualifications of those entering are valid.
  • Complete our comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked and eliminate complacency.
  • Report all entries/exits to our Sentry Control, for up to the minute accuracy.
  • Continuously monitor the atmosphere using gas monitors.
  • Confirm work crews are signed on/off as well as locked on/off the permits.

Call our site service managers to discuss your requirements.

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Gas test atmospheres

Our clients notice significant improvements in the management of their site services and shutdowns, when ISH24 assist with the initial pre-entry and ongoing Gas Testing.

When ISH24 manages the initial Atmosphere Gas Testing of the confined spaces, they will follow the critical path work outlined by the client and conduct the initial Gas Tests as the permits come online.

Communicating with the Plant Supervisors and Permit Issuers/Holders, our Gas Testers ensure that the Gas Test is completed & recorded and an ISH24 Confined Space Sentry is in position when the space is confirmed ready.

We keep the confined space Gas Test current by renewing the test before the start of every shift and before the current Gas Test expires. This avoids unnecessary delays. We manage this through our Sentry Control Board where we have time clocks that alarm an hour before the tests expire.

Call our service team to discuss your requirements.

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Gas detector calibration, repairs and maintenance

ISH24 has been appointed as the repair agent to perform warranty and service repairs on all MSA Gas Detection, Monitoring & Calibration Equipment. We have qualified technicians that are trained and authorised to perform this work on behalf of MSA.

Our fully equipped workshop has all the modern equipment and spare parts needed to carry out simple calibrations through to a full service and replacement as required.

As we understand how important it is to have your equipment fixed and returned to site, we offer a 24 hour turnaround on most jobs. For highly time sensitive repairs or for large volumes, ISH24 can send a service technician to you.

Call our site service managers to discuss your requirements.

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Fixed gas detection field servicing

Our highly trained field technicians are able to travel Australia wide to perform on-site preventative maintenance and repairs on MSA fixed gas detection systems. All of our technicians are trained in a wide range of detection systems and can perform repairs on-site to minimise down time in the event of a failure.

Our calibration and preventative maintenance can ensure accuracy of detection systems and prevent many failures before they happen. Our services include specialised applications such as ultrasonic leak detection systems and flame detection systems.

From small plants to multi-site companies, whether there is 2 or 200 units, we can meet all of your on-site servicing needs.

Call our service team to discuss your requirements.

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Working at height equipment inspections

Our staff can inspect, test, detect faults and to determine remedial action.

Our inspections are based in accordance with the requirements of AS1891.4: Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices – Section 9: Selection, Maintenance and Storage. Current Legislation AS1891.4 requires all height safety equipment (e.g. harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest devices, ropes and slings) be inspected at intervals not exceeding 6 months by a competent person.

Our staff are trained and experts in:

  • Legislative requirements and standards for managing equipment inspection
  • The importance of equipment inspection
  • How to prepare to inspect equipment and set-up your work area
  • Viewing various types of equipment and what to look for when inspecting
  • Common failure modes across equipment categories
  • The inspection process and identifying faults
  • The difference between user-serviceable components and non-user-serviceable components
  • How to identify non-compliance and recommend remedial action
  • Procedures for tagging equipment out of service
  • Record-keeping requirements

Call our site service managers to discuss your requirements.

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Equipment Hire

Equipment can be on hire for short or long term and it can be packed & shipped same day.

Hire equipment Includes:

Gas Testing Atmosphere

  • Altair 5X Multigas Detector with In-Built Pump for pre-entry testing
  • Altair 4X Gas Monitor used for continuous monitoring of standard gases
  • Altair Pro Single Gas Monitors for personal gas monitoring in high risk areas
  • Man Down Alarms for confined spaces where visibility is restricted
  • Calibration Stations and Calibration Gas
  • Heat Stress Monitoring

Height Safety and Access Solutions

  • Harness
  • Lanyards
  • Tri pods
  • Slings Rescue devices
  • Rope systems
  • Specialised roofing height systems

Other site items

  • Digital or Analog Radios
  • Extraction Fans with Ducting
  • Intrinsically Safe Area Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers and Blankets
  • Breathing Apparatus


What you need is not listed? Call our service team to discuss, we are always adding new items to our inventory to keep up with industry trends and requirements.

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High risk work

ISH24 isthe company you call when you have a job that is in an extremely dangerous environment.

Extremely high-risk work areas need the best people in all roles,  this especially true for confined space Sentries who are responsible for the crews inside their confined spaces.

Working in conjunction with our clients, we determine the conditions for the scope of work of the up-coming project. We carefully plan for this job and ensure we are selecting the right people every time.  We assess their personality and ability to work under pressure, their psychical fitness, ability to take ownership & responsibility of assigned tasks and their experience with ISH24 in the past. Once we are satisfied they understand the importance of the job and their role within the scope of works, we then assign them to the tasks. 

We hold a tremendous amount of importance in working effectively and safely, working alongside companies to ensure the job is completed within times frames and that everyone goes home safely.

Call our site service managers to discuss your requirements.

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ISH24 can provide clean-up crews before, after and during shutdowns. ISH24 crew assist with the preparation of confined spaces for maintenance and inspections with cleaning out confined space vessels, hosing, shovelling works, general clean up and rubbish removal.

With appropriately trained personnel, correct safety equipment and good planning, toxic environments and chemical storage tanks are not an issue for ISH24. With appropriate systems in place, this high-risk work can be carried out safely, correctly and in a timely manner.

Call our site service managers to discuss your requirements.

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Critical to ensuring the on time and professional delivery of our services is our supervision and our sentry control. Co-ordinating the Sentries centrally means we can deploy staff quickly when required.

Our Supervisors work with the clients and the Gantt Charts ensuring the allocation of the crews to the confined spaces in order of priority.  The Supervisor prioritises resources to critical path jobs and helps the client to deal with unscheduled works as they arise, ensuring the planned works outage times are not compromised by these additional works.

Call our site service managers to discuss your requirements.

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The SafeAir system is a supplied air breathing apparatus solution which provides clean breathing air for up to 10 individuals at the same time. We have a variety of SafeAir options available essential for long jobs in hazardous environments or confined spaces. All our SafeAir mobile units are compatible for use with all PPE including welding helmets, acid suits and full face respirators.

ISH24 SafeAir systems include:

Twin Cylinder SABA System (2 x 6.8L 300 bar cylinders)

Petrol Compressor SABA System (2 x Worker SABA setup)

5 x Outlet SABA System (5 x Worker SABA setup)

10 x Outlet SABA System (10 x Worker SABA setup, 2200 Litres Per Minute)

Explore our range of SafeAir systems to discover which solution is best suitable for your work place.

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Self Rescuer Hire and Maintenance

ISH24 are the Australian leaders in MSA self-rescuer tracking and servicing through our innovate approach to safety equipment management.

To ensure optimal performance, MSA self-rescuers must undergo annual pressure testing as well as a thorough internal inspection of the unit conducted in a controlled environment every 5 years.


Our instructional video explains the correct use and maintenance of self rescuers.



The main challenge our clients face when adhering to the testing guidelines is capturing all the self-rescuers when they are due for inspection. Since self-rescuers are a crucial piece of equipment in the course of works, the items are constantly in use and having a service technician carry out the servicing on site between shift changes is a costly process.


ISH24 have developed a streamlined process which allows for efficient and cost-effective long-term maintenance servicing of our clients’ fleet of self-rescuers.


To learn more, give us a call at 1300 001 201 or E-mail us with you inquiry



Download the Print Ready Self Rescuer Brochure


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