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The ISH24 Team are highly skilled and have extensive work experience when it comes to emergency response and rescue, specialising in both Industrial Rescue and Mine Rescue. Our crew are out in the field daily making rescues and saving lives. We appreciate the unique differences associated with different types of rescue and have the skills and experience to pass this knowledge onto learners.

Our purpose-built training facilities allow us to simulate real-life scenarios, giving you the best possible hands-on training. Our facilities include heights towers, multiple-entry confined space containers, grain bins and silos, ladders, rope access points, etc.

For the most versatile learning experience, give us a call today and enroll in our one or more of our rescue training courses

Courses include:

Visit the RESCUE TRAINING page to learn more about our unique purpose-built facilities and our full range of rescue training courses,


Emergency Response Teams

During shutdowns, site based Emergency Response Teams may not be adequately resourced to cope with the increased number of contractors on site or the increased volume of high risk work activity.

If you want to ensure that the best people are ready to respond in an emergency, ISH24 can assist with Emergency Service Officers who are trained to respond to emergencies on site.

Rescue Plans

ISH24 as safety specialist can come to your workplace and develop rescue plans that are clear, simple and relevant. These plans will guide your staff from the emergency response, fist aiders and other workers on site. Site Rescue Plans are regularly out of date, hard to read and full of information that makes it hard to find what you are looking for when faced with an emergency. The Rescue Plan is often a document on how a rescue should be performed which can be quite different from what needs to happen given the circumstances surrounding an incident.

As highly skilled staff that are exposed to a range of workplaces and scenarios, our team can make an informed decisions when creating your fully customised Rescue Plans, that are designed to be simple to read and can be easily referred to in an emergency.


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