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RII41319 Certificate IV in Emergency Response Coordination

RII41319 Certificate IV in Emergency Response Coordination : This exciting new qualification is essential for individual in Emergency Response and Rescue Team Leadership roles. 10 units of competency over 5 days of intensive training at Australia's leading rescue training centre.

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Rescue Training

ISH24 is proud to open its doors of one of the best confined space and vertical rescue training centers in Australia. The ISH24 rescue training center exposes students to real-life simulated scenarios over a 5-day intensive nationally accredited rescue training course. Our rescue training is geared towards individuals who belong to mining or industrial emergency rescue teams, CFA and SES crews. With 14 different confined spaces on site and over 30 unique designed scenarios, students are guaranteed to gain skills and knowledge that will stick with them for life.

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Workplace Safety Training

ISH24 is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41559) offering nationally accredited workplace safety training solutions with focus on confined space entry, working at heights, gas testing and rescue. With three state-of-the-art training centers across Australia (Bendigo, Goornong, and Perth), we offer a wide variety of safety training courses. Explore our schedule of public courses or inquire about private / corporate sessions, contextualised course content and on-site delivery solutions.

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Our large scope of safety management services offered in house means our clients only have a single point of contact for all their safety needs, which saves you time in trying to locate the right people and right equipment for the job. ISH24 supply fully trained, qualified personnel and equipment for confined space management; resulting in reduced risks and maintained safety solutions to a number of industries across Australia. We provide a unique and efficient service that is tailored to suit your sites specific needs and requirements. By engaging ISH24 across your site during shutdowns or outages, we provide uniformity in safety management ensuring all business partners and contractors are in safe hands in this dangerous environment.

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The SafeAir system is a supplied air breathing apparatus solution which provides clean breathing air for up to 10 individuals at the same time. We have a variety of SafeAir options available essential for long jobs in hazardous environments or confined spaces. All our SafeAir mobile units are compatible for use with all PPE including welding helmets, acid suits and full face respirators. Explore our range of SafeAir systems to discover which solution is best suitable to your work place.

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ISH24 is committed to delivering our Confined Space Management Solutions with integrity, openness and a resolute focus on safety first. We can be relied upon to deliver the outcomes we promise because we ensure our staff are the very best at what they do. They are given the right training, equipment, site support and supervision to deliver exceptional service. All Confined Space Sentries are trained to ensure they keep vigilant watch of their assigned confined spaces. Their only focus is ensuring all requirements of the client and the Australian Standards are met.

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ISH24 are Specialists in workplace safety management. We recognise that a confined space is one of the most dangerous places people can work. The risks are high and the consequences of an incident are often life threatening.

86% of confined space incidents are due to lack of supervision, unsafe practices and contractor complacency. ISH24’s Confined Space Management Systems and Procedures help to prevent these types of incidents from occurring.

We believe that our business structure gives the industry a new option in ensuring the safety and compliance of those required to work in a confined space.


With the latest and up to date packages in the most modern and innovative training facilities in Australia, ISH24 are the people to see for your next training course.

Our purpose built training facilities are located across Victoria and WA, our centres ensure your training is as hands on and job specific as you need it to be.
We can cater to your workplace training requirements at our centres, or we can come to you on any site across Australia and conduct any training at your workplace, depending on your needs.

Our trainers are knowledgeable experts in their fields and have years of industry experience behind them to ensure you’re getting the most out of your course. They are fully flexible and can offer you after hours training, last minute training if you’re in a bind, or training on weekends if you’re really pushed for time.

Training with ISH24 means your experience will be enjoyable, fun and hassle free.


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