Oil and Gas

ISH24’s capability means that we can service the mining industry with the highest standards in confined space safety and equipment.

Our team understands that any downtime and delays can have a significant negative impact on mine production and efficiency so we ensure our clients downtime is kept to a minimum by offering a range of flexible and adaptable solutions to support our client’s needs, all aimed at reducing costs to our clients.

We are able to supply multiple personnel and equipment for simultaneous shutdown operations, ensuring your productivity is returned sooner, resulting in reduced shutdown costs.

ISH24 can mobilise personnel and equipment quickly and efficiently to meet your needs when you need them.

We have a strong commitment to safety in the mining industry, and assist you in fulfilling your OHS response capability and complete shutdowns on time and within budget.

ISH24 services include:

  • Provision for short term hire of safety/necessary equipment.
  • Provision of fully qualified and equipped personnel.
  • Air quality testing of breathing air in accordance with legislation and OHS.

See our Services page for full list of solutions.

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