ISH24 Difference

ISH24 are Specialists in Confined Space Management. We recognise that a confined space is one of the most dangerous places people can work. The risks are high and the consequences of an incident are often life threatening.

86% of confined space incidents are due to lack of supervision, unsafe practices and contractor complacency. ISH24’s Confined Space Management Systems and Procedures help to prevent these types of incidents from occurring.

We believe that our business structure gives the industry a new option in ensuring the safety and compliance of those required to work in a confined space.

Our Commitment

We provide a unique and efficient service that is tailored to suit your sites specific needs and requirements. By engaging ISH24 across your site during shutdowns or outages, we provide uniformity in Confined Space Management ensuring all business partners and contractors are in safe hands in this dangerous environment.

We can ensure maximum efficiencies (particularly during full plant planned shutdowns) by prioritising resources to critical path jobs and helping to deal with unscheduled works as they arise, ensuring the planned works outage times are not compromised by these additional works.

ISH24 Guarantee

ISH24 guarantee maximum maintenance man hours on all jobs. Throughout the shutdown duration our Confined Space Sentries will remain on the job until the job is completed. If work crews are being rotated, we will organise for our Sentries to do the same.