Confined Space Rescue Plans

If, or more likely when, an incident occurs on a worksite, it is never expected and it will never be in a place that is easily accessible, especially when it comes to working in a confined space.

Site Rescue Plans are regularly out of date, hard to read and full of information that makes it hard to find what you are looking for when faced with an emergency. The Rescue Plan is often a document on how a rescue should be performed which can be quite different from what needs to happen given the circumstances surrounding an incident.

A Rescue Plan should be a document that has simple clear information relevant to the people who are managing the confined spaces so that they can guide all people from the Emergency Response Team, First Aiders and other people in the work environment.

ISH24 Rescue Plans are designed to be simple to read and can be easily referred to in an emergency.

ISH24 can send skilled Safety personnel to site prior to shutdowns to evaluate, prepare and manage your Confined Space Rescue Plans.